Engagement Ring Buying Guide

In any good video game, you can’t win until you defeat the “big boss.” This can be a flame-throwing dragon, a ninja, Darth Vader… there’s always a big boss. For the courtship of your girlfriend, buying the engagement ring is the big boss. It’s the summation of every frustrating, complicated, agonizing element of your boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. Think about it. In this climactic battle, you will face:

1. Risk of humiliation (What if it’s not big enough? And why do you keep asking that question?)
2. Suffering (Two months’ salary? Really? Damnit.)
3. Indecision (Simple or ornate? Platinum or Gold?)
4. Doubt (Maybe the fact that I’m having a hard time buying the ring is actually telling me, subconsciously, that I shouldn’t get married? I’m screwed. Screwed!)
5. Confusion (How much to spend? What kind of ring does she want? Should you surprise her?)

On the one hand, buying an engagement ring is expensive, perplexing, intimidating, and psychologically draining. On the other hand… wait, no, there’s really no “on the other hand.” Buying an engagement ring is pretty much all negative. All that said… relax. The trick is just to get a little bit of guidance, a little orientation, and then an expert to show you the way. And that’s where we come in. Before buying the engagement ring, you’ll want to understand the following:

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