Fan Spends Life Savings on Fake Season Tickets!

Someone will be sitting in the most expensive seats in NBA history on Monday night in Oakland, and they had to buy the tickets TWICE.

Morton Tharp, of Thorburn, Nova Scotia, is an investment banker and huge fan of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors. When he saw the opportunity to get tickets to Game 5 of the NBA Finals at Oracle Arena, he knew he had to have them. The tickets were being sold at an online re-seller, and priced at $30,000 each.

As Tharp describes it, “It was a lot of money, so I tried to be careful. The site seemed legitimate, I had a third-party verify the tickets and hold my money until they arrived, it all seemed on the up-and-up.”Tharp pulled money from his retirement fund and sent it to the third-party, with the intent for the money to be delivered when the tickets arrived to Tharp in the mail. “When they came, I opened the envelope and saw two poorly printed pieces of paper. I instantly knew I’d been had.” Tharp contacted the third-party holding his money, but their phone had been disconnected. “Financially it was terrible, but emotionally it was devastating. I felt so stupid.”

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