Single Mama Drama: What To Do When He Leaves You During Your Pregnancy

Like most women, I had the dream of having a loving family of my own. It is something that I envisioned for most of life. “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes me with the baby carriage”. Sigh.

Unfortunately, my first pregnancy didn’t turn out so dreamy. It was far from a fairy tale. Verbal altercations with my child’s father and the threat of physical abuse threatened my emotional state, including that of my unborn child. As a beautiful, educated, and successful 40 year old mom-to-be, I was not having that. But it’s not just me, who walks this road of pain. Sadly, many women are abandoned during their pregnancy journeys. Some situations work out, and others like mine end up in family court. Yes, the custody battle route.

There I was, a pregnant mom, with no partner in tow. Because of the unwarranted stress, I ended my relationship when I was 4 months pregnant.

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