The working parents’ guide to dealing with sick kids

4 signs that a sick day might be unnecessary
A study published in the US journal Pediatrics found that 57 percent of “sick” kids had been sent home unnecessarily. Here are four facts to help you head off avoidable sick days:

1. Vomiting doesn’t always signal sickness. “We’ve had children who vomited when they were upset,” says Tanis Sawtell of Sunset Daycare in Vancouver. Ask your caregiver to look for other symptoms, such as fever
2. Allergies can come across as a cold. If your child has hay fever, give daycare the 411 in advance, including a list of specific symptoms (such as watery eyes, drippy nose)
3. Your kid’s rash may not be catchable. Get a doctor’s note confirming it isn’t contagious.
4. If too much juice or certain foods give your child diarrhea, let your daycare know about those triggers in advance.

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